Other Dirshu Programs

Kinyan Torah

The program is intended to assist and motivate Daf Yomi learners, both Bnei Yeshiva and Balebatim, to increase and retain their knowledge of Gemara.

Chaburas Shas

Dirshu’s new Chaburas Shas iyun program gives you the opportunity to delve deeper and gain a true understanding of your learning.

Kinyan Chochma

Join Dirshu’s Kinyan Chochma program and be koneh the mussar sefarim of Tomer Devorah, Orchos Chaim, Orchos Tzadikim , Rebbeinu Yona on Masechta Avos and Mesilas Yesharim through a daily learning schedule and monthly tests for chazarah and retention. Stipends are only offered to those that are taking a Kinyan Torah or Daf HaYomi B’Halacha test along with the Kinyan Chochma test.